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The Getaway Giveaway Contest Brought To You By Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Centers!

Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Centers Invite you to enter to win our "Getaway Giveaway"! The Fun and Games don’t just start at Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Center’s Anchorage and Wasilla locations, they happen right now, for you! You are invited to enter to win the Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Centers “Getaway Give Away” by going to, or if you live in the valley.

Everyone who enters gets to play one free round of virtual bingo, and everyone wins something! But, one lucky Alaskan will win 2 $500 Vouchers for Alaska Airlines, and 4 Nights of lodging at Best Western SureStay in SeaTac, your springboard for the lower 48. No purchase is needed, you must be 18 and a permanent resident of the state of Alaska, see contest rules for details. Again to enter to win Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Center’s Getaway Give Away, The "Getaway Giveaway" brought to you by Tudor & Big Valley Bingo Centers. Do We Have Fun? Bingo!


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