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Alaska Storytellers - Alaska Means Business Episode 4

Alaska Means Business heads to Sitka, AK to chat with Alaska Business Person Cynthia Gibson. Gibson heads up one of the key offices for Wayfinder Wealth in Alaska, Wayfinder Wealth provides access to comprehensive financial planning solutions.  Cynthia’s enthusiasm for planning is coined in her tagline “Inspiring. Financial action.”

 Additionally, Cynthia and her Husband Keith, own and operate Stone Lantern House, a luxury rental in Sitka), Alaska Storytellers, a performance troop that provides accurate and entertaining shows to folks in Alaska for the cruise ship and independent visitors alike.  In addition to a litany of boards and organizations, Cynthia is an accomplished artist under the banner of Lateral Line Designs with a piece featured in the Museum of the North. Cynthia is a fervent “Cold Water” enthusiast, and enjoys sharing the benefit of Cold Water…something abundant in Alaska!  

Learn more about Alaska Storytellers at, more about the Stone Lantern House at

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